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feedback from Farm Credit Leasing:

Hi Bert,

I have received some very positive feedback following your
presentation at our Annual LeasePartner meeting on August 9th.

You provided great humor to your childhood and your start
in baseball. Your definition of BASEBALL and how it relates
to life and business was very good. The question and answer
session was a "huge" success in that you provided your
honest opinion on numerous subjects, such as steroids and
Roger Clemens eligibility into the Hall of Fame as well as
current handling of pitchers with respect to number of pitches,
etc. Your direct approach to answering questions is very
refreshing and the audience was very appreciative. I knew that
those attending from the Twin Cities would have great interest in
hearing you speak but we had attendees from across the
United States and had positive remarks from them as well.

The signing of baseballs and picture session was also a huge
success. We had over 125 attendees at this meeting and I believe everyone took advantage of this opportunity. You asked questions
of each individual, answered additional questions they had and
made everyone feel good about being a part of this session.
It was a great way to end our meeting.

I certainly would recommend Bert as a speaker to other such
meetings as he provides humor, candor and a good message.
Thanks again for taking the extra time and effort to make our
meeting a success!


Robert M. Wraspir
SVP, Sales & Marketing
Farm Credit Leasing

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thank you from Green Diamond Gallery:


On behalf of Bob Crotty, Green Diamond Gallery, and all of our members, we would like to thank you for speaking to our club. Over 25 living Hall of Famers have taken the podium and told stories and answered questions about their careers. I can honestly say you were one of the best! You were very personable and engaging while at the podium and mingling with our guests. We are honored you came to the Gallery and we would like to welcome you to our family as an honorary member. You are always welcome at Green Diamond Gallery.


Green Diamond Gallery









the Minnesota Lottery sent us this :

Bert, I wanted to thank you for the work you did on our Minnesota State Lottery Beneficiary TV commercial. The spot is outstanding! I've spent the past 30 years involved with helping craft, approve and guide TV commercial production, which has included working with the vast array of Miller Lite Beer All-Stars. Athletes often need a lot of coaching, since their athletic ability usually does not translate to quick, comedic performances in front of the camera. You are one exception. From the minute you assumed your position by the piano on the set, I noticed you were both relaxed and aware of how you were supposed to "act." And trying to have a normal interaction with puppets can't be an easy thing to do! However, in addition to following the script, you also delivered several very warm and yet humorous moments that greatly improves the feel of our spot. It was these actions of yours that takes our TV commercial from "entertaining" to truly "engaging," and we know it will resonate with the public. You are not only a Hall of Fame professional baseball player and a true pro in the broadcast booth, but a seasoned actor who may have found a new career direction. Thanks again for helping the Minnesota State Lottery and best of luck in the off season.

John Mellein
Marketing and Sales Director
Minnesota State Lottery

      minnsota state lottery


from the Minnesota Grain & Feed Association:


On behalf of the Minnesota Grain and Feed Association Board of Directors,
I want to thank you for a very entertaining and engaging presentation at our convention last week in St. Cloud. You certainly captivated the audience with your heart felt and humorous stories of getting to the major leagues, lessons learned along the way and in sharing some entertaining insights into the mischief and high jinks that accompanied you along your path to the Hall of Fame. It was truly our honor to have you on our program and it was great that you were so accommodating with photos and autographs following your presentation.

We thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and participation and thank you for being such an integral part of a very successful convention!

With Best Regards,

Bob Zelenka
Executive Director
Minnesota Grain and Feed Association



what NetApp had to say about working with Bert :

Bert was a smashing success!! Nothing but accolades all over the board -
he was warm, engaging - exceeded our expectations!! First-class all the way!

I just shot off a personal thank you to Bert - he was one of the best
sports personalities I have worked with and believe me, I have done many
of these events over the years.



a nice note from United Bankers' Bank:

We wanted to write and let you know how pleased we were with Bert Blyleven’s appearance at our Standard Bearer Grand Event on October 21, 2011.

Mr. Blyleven kept attendees engaged with stories of his career in baseball and his philosophies on life. His stories ranged from humorous to touching, each one entertaining! He took time to answer attendee questions and took a genuine interest in the things our guests asked him.

Mr. Blyleven was also gracious enough to sign baseballs for all of our attendees. Our guests went home with a memento from a “Hall-of-Famer” and couldn’t have been more pleased.

I would highly recommend Mr. Blyleven to groups who are looking for a top-notch speaker!